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Images from Yesteryear
(John Ollila collection)

8-year-old John Ollila

A Walk in the Woods
(Hovel, Kapan, McDonald)

Moss Covered

A Day with the Hovels
(Photos by Rod Sharka)

Joe & Mary Hovel and Gov. Doyle

Captured by Charlie's Camera
(Photos by Charlie Eshbach)

Ancient Pine Stump

Seasons of the Pilgrim River
(Photos by Bob Page)

Snow-Covered Spruce

Stream Assessment, May 2009
(Photos by Shawn Hagan)

Shawn Hagan

Pilgrim Ice Cave
(Photos by Jeff Parker)

Pilgrim Tributary Cave

Native Plant Hike
June 26, 2010

Pilgrim Native Plant Hike

Sutinen Family Photos
(Jim Rettig Collection)

Jim Rettig on Tractor

Pilgrim River Hiking Trail
(Photos by Bill Leder)

Autumn Woods