Financial Status

We have been raising funds to purchase the development rights through deed restrictions (conservation easements) and to stand as matching funds for U.S Forest Service grant monies to establish a Community Forest. Dedicated accounts have been established at Superior National Bank, where all donations are deposited.

Initial Goal: $200,000**

We have raised $200,000 to protect the upstream 360 acre parcel because watershed protection foremost requires protecting the headwaters. With the tremendous success of the fund raising campaign, we have accomplished this initial financial goal.

Community Forest

We received a $286,000 grant from the U.S Forest Service and a generous matching donation that has enabled us to establish a Community Forest on a 276 tract north of the Pilgrim River.

Remaining Downstream Tract

We will complete the project by protecting the remaining 724 acres through a combined strategy of fundraising and grants. Currently, all funds donated are earmarked for this purpose --100%! Our volunteers donate time, effort, copying, and postage costs.

** Amounts are estimates. Actual easement acquisition costs will be based on independently appraised land values at the time of the transaction.